Cycling Skills and Drills

Thing to think about



You must be able to relax while you are riding your bike!!

DON’T hold your handlebars like you are trying to squeeze a wet rag to get it dry.

Holding your bars too tight will cause:

·       Your upper body to get tight

·       Cause your chest to close

·       A loss of oxygen into your lungs

·       Stiff neck

·       Sore shoulders

·       Most importantly: A loss of mobility in your upper body

Hold your bars like you are holding a new baby – softly!!

Start riding with your fingers open and this will make your arms relax as well as open your chest.


Some Questions to Ask…

1. Should I use my Aero bars in a pace line or group ride?

2. What do I do when I am at the front of the group?

3. How do I pull on the front?

4. How long do I pull for?

5. How do I pull off from the front?

6. How do I get back on?

7. How do I pull on a climb?

8. How do I pull on the down hills?

9. Where do I shift?

A. on climbs?

B. on flats?

C. down hills?

10. How do I pull out of the line if I can’t keep up?

11. What do I do when I have mechanical problems in the pace line?

12. How close do I ride behind the rider in front of me?

13. How do I ride on windy days?

14. What do I do when there are hazards on the road?

15. Where do I ride on the road?

16. How can I avoid dangerous situations?

17. Why do I need to ride in Group? 

Remember - It takes time to learn!


Michael Nelson Cat 4

2011 Highlights

  • 9th State Road Race Championships        4th Nocatee Stage Race Circuit
  • 7th State Road Race Championships        3rd Pinellas Park Circuit Race
  • 5th Tour de Tow Criterium                       4th Gearlink Cup Criterium
  • 1st Ocala Stage Race Time Trial                3rd Nacotee Stage Race Road
  • 2nd Labor Day Cup Criterium

2012 Highlights

  • 3rd Spring Fling Circuit Race                7th ORC Race Weekend Circuit
  • 6th ORC Race Weekend Criterium       2nd Winter Garden Bike Fest
  • 1st Winter Garden Cycling Festival      3rd Gearlink Cup Criterium
  • 1st Woodlands Classic Criterium          2nd Markham Park Circuit Race
  • 12th State Criterium Championships

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