Cycling Skills and Drills

Classes SKILLS & DRILLS #1

Our goal at Cycling Skills and Drills is to TEACH you cycling skills and best techniques.  We did not say “coach”, we emphasize the word “teach”!  Every cyclist needs to learn how to control their bike in many different scenarios and have it become natural.  Situations arise on the road all of the time and no matter who’s at fault, you must have the skills to react in a manner of confidence and avoid making the situation worse by over reacting.  Over reaction may cause you or someone else to have a very bad day!  Your knowledge on what to do in a problem situation is the most important asset you can possess.

Skills within class:

  1. Balance and Control drills
  2. Stop and Go drills
  3. Turning drills
  4. Cornering at all speeds drills
  5. Learn complete relaxation on bicycle

Learn to turn on a dime, approach turns and corners at higher speeds with more confidence stop and reroute around obstacles without dismounting bike, braking under pressure...

(Class length:  4 hours)

Classes: Skills 1:


You must complete Skills & Drills #1 to participate in this second class.  In Skills & Drills #2, we take your skills and cycling comprehension to the next level!  Get ready to climb faster and smarter than ever before; work within a group in a pace line; ride within a large group with confidence and without stress and just be able to stand and maneuver with improved form and a new skill set!

This program and class begins with the word “relax” and during the class you will always hear us repeat this word!  This is key since the ability to handling your bike IS relaxing and not over reacting.  With this program, your thoughts will go from “I can’t do that” to “I did it!” 

Skills within class:

  1. Paceline
  2. Out of saddle work
  3. In and out of saddle climbing
  4. Group riding

(Class length:  4 hours)


2013 Masters World Road Race and Time Trail Champion
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