Cycling Skills and Drills

Go Faster with Less Effort

Learn how to Relax while Cycling, through improving your Technique. Improving your Technique will improve your - Bike Handling, Control, Improve Confidence and making Cycling more Fun.

Technique’s Taught

  1. Relaxation
  2. Balance and Control drills
  3. Stop and Go drills
  4. Turning drills
  5. Cornering
  6. And More

Our goal is to make you more Comfortable and Ride, with less effort while improving Speed and Power

This is stress free, fun learning day. The program begins with the word Relax during the class you will here it over and over again, your ability to relax is the most important factor in improving your Technique. You will repeat many different drills during the Class. Through improved Technique you will become a safer more Knowledgeable Cyclist

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